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The trousers beloved by A-list celebrities and regular dudes alike are an icon for a reason.
In a now viral tweet from this past March officially declared any trousers that weren't of the soft, fleece-lined variety "hard pants." And so they were. The label stuck, and Twitter heaved a collective sigh of relief as people around the world delightedly resigned ...
It's making a comeback.
Men’s wear has always been loose. Think Fred Astaire jumping high in loose trousers during the Roaring ‘20s or the wide lapels, spread collars, and roomy suits that welcomed men returning from the war in the ‘40s. Today, after decades spent under ...
Remember, looking stylish is all about the fit.
It doesn't get much more iconic than a great pair of jeans. Which makes sense: They've been a staple of pretty much every guy's wardrobe for more than a century. Thing is, what makes a pair of jeans great is different for ...
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