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That's the power of a good film.
Academy Award-winning movie Parasite has opened the eyes of the world to a side of Seoul that was previously unknown to many non-Koreans: the semi-basement dwellings. It is the city’s underbelly filled with the stench of sewers and garbage.In the movie, the ...
So you thought you knew everything about Parasite? Watch this video analysis.
We’ve seen Parasite a couple of times: twice when it came out, and another time when it won four Oscars. Rewatching a film allows you to pick up things you might have missed during your first viewing, but after watching Parasite three times, ...
How do you celebrate winning loads of awards? With K-pop jams.
Bong Joon Ho signed off his Oscars speech by saying he was ready to drink until the next morning, and the after-party for the Parasite gang was the hottest ticket in Los Angeles.But what actually goes on at the party you throw when you've ...
Parasite just rewrote its film’s ending with its historic wins at the Oscars.
The word “historic” is not powerful enough to describe the impact of Parasite’s four Oscar wins. “Powerful” might do, perhaps even “disruptive.” But like the way Parasite is a genre-bending film that can’t be synthesized into one phrase, neither can we find ...
Bong Joon Ho's masterpiece has revealed how stupid Hollywood is to keep remaking foreign films.
As if February wasn't already bleak enough, this month sees the release of Downhill, a deadpan comedy about a marriage which slowly unravels when, threatened by an avalanche, a husband instinctively prioritises his phone over his family. If that plot seems familiar, it ...
Selected cinemas in the Metro are screening Parasite from January 29 to February 5.
South Korean film Parasite has been the talk of the town lately. The awards are one thing (it won a Golden Globe and it's nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture), but everyone who's watched can't stop talking about it, and some have even gone as ...
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