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Let’s give it a second thought.
After Pope Francis’ pronouncement last week that the trend of people who choose to take care of pets instead of human children is a form of selfishness, the kneejerk reaction from most of the self-professed pundits on social media was instantaneous and ...
When I was 34, I decided that it was finally time for me to have a baby girl and a baby boy.
How much time should you spend with your children? The natural answer is: as much as you can. Being with them is an absolute joy. That was the biggest surprise for me as a parent.My twins are 6 now, but when I ...
A perfect work-life balance? Now THAT'S incredible.
The Incredibles 2 is as much a superhero film as it is an ode to parenting and finding the perfect work-life balance—and it’s glorious.Fourteen years after The Incredibles catapulted writer-director Brad Bird into the upper echelons of animation, Pixar has come out with ...
The Truly Rich Lady weighs in on those nasty comments by a certain senator.
It’s tough to be a woman today.Over in New America, a healthcare reform bill that opens the door to lower support and higher costs for women who are victims of sexual assault, survivors of domestic violence, in need of C-sections, or have ...
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