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There’s not a single moment of quiet, not a single moment for nothing. In one year, we aged a decade.
My wife and I have an elaborate fantasy.A weekend away from the kids. An expensive hotel. We lie on the high-thread-count sheets on the king bed, put soft music on the speaker, and then we don’t talk, we don’t move, we certainly ...
He used his disorder to turn a weakness into opportunity.
Most parents worry or panic when their kids are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, already imagining the struggles that come with the condition. But raising a child with ADHD is no different from raising a child without it. Just ...
The rainy season is the best time for staycations with families.
Budget rooms and backpack hostels serve their purpose when doing exploratory traveling, but when it comes to a staycation with family, it’s a good idea to book a room that places you in the lap of luxury: suites, and not just suites, ...
These ballpark figures for your child’s tuition fees in the future will shock you.
You may have young kids at present, but we’re sure you’ve put some thought on securing your children’s futures as early as now. That includes saving up so you can send them to top schools to maximize their potential and ensure they have ...
Because little Daenerys will never forgive you
So, you named your kid Daenerys. On one hand, at least you’re not alone. According to reports, there are 163 little girls named Daenerys currently running around America, and a handful more in Britain.But on the other hand, YOU NAMED YOUR KID ...
Why you don't need hectoring, pestering parenting books in your life
I am drowning in parenting books. Somehow, the entire publishing industry has twigged that I write about families, and now three or four new parenting books plop through my letterbox without fail every week. And that’s a shame, because I am never ...
Marvel's desperation to court children feels nefariousness
A week ago, my son was into whales. He could identify six or even species of whale by nothing but silhouette alone. He knew where they lived, what they ate, how comparatively big they all were. He knew what a bowhead whale ...
Cherish the days before your son learns to talk. You'll miss them when they're gone.
The easiest trap a parent can fall into is looking ahead. Your baby is born and you wonder what they’ll be like as a toddler. They become a toddler and you wonder what they’ll be like at school. They go to school ...
The new law requires that kids below 12 years old use car seats while inside a running vehicle
President Duterte has signed Republic Act 11229, or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, making it a law.This makes it a requirement to use child car seats in vehicles when transporting children."It shall be unlawful for the driver of a covered ...
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