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In support of the governmentâs efforts to reclaim public roads
We’ve seen road-clearing operations ramping up in the past few weeks following President Rodrigo Duterte’s orders to reclaim all public roads that are being used by private entities. In line with this, Senator Win Gatchalian recently requested the President to fast-track the ...
Are you in favor of this?
Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may soon find themselves parking apart from one another after a bill was filed in Congress requiring the creation of dedicated parking spaces exclusive to each.House Bill 1037, filed by Representative Joey Tambunting of Parañaque City’s ...
It has to be done.
Again, you cannot ‘reserve’ a parking slot by standing in it—whether it’s in a mall, in front of a restaurant, or an open parking area. It’s inconsiderate, lazy, and a practice downright frowned upon by, well, everybody.Still it isn’t technically a crime, so if ...
Clue: It's not the Philippines.
How many times has this happened to you: Maneuvering tight parking areas, desperately looking for a vacant slot only to find one occupied by a person, reserving a parking slot by standing in it. Standoff ensues.Well, a country close to ours has ...
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