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More reasons to immigrate? Kidding.
We’ve written plenty of stories about the most powerful passports in the world and even the hidden details of our own Filipino passports. But the Canadian passport might just win the title of coolest passport in the world, and not just because ...
It's a timely reminder.
The Philippines’ latest passport redesign happened back in August 2016. The majestic Philippine eagle is prominently featured, as well as well-known tourist destinations like the Mayon Volcano and the Banawe Rice Terraces. But what most people probably won’t notice is the Baybayin script ...
It’s the age of the “global citizen”
Filipinos love to travel, but the limitations of a Philippine passport are all too real. The 2019 Global Passport Power Rank by Passport Index, which ranks and compares the world’s passports based on their visa–free score, puts the country at a dismal ...
A new study says owning an iPhone automatically makes people think you're wealthy.
Expensive clothing accessories are no longer the best indicators of wealth, says a new study.A U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research study shows that people are more likely to look at the phone you’re using instead of the bag you’re toting. University of ...
A second passport guarantees you a fast pass for travel, business, and education, and acts as a safety net for the future.
These days, the best investment you could make might just be a new citizenship.First introduced by St. Kitts and Nevis, citizenship-by-invest makes previously inaccessible benefits yours for the taking. Today, several countries and areas hand out similar programs, including Australia, Canada, the ...
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