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It's the most expensive yellow gold wristwatch ever sold at auction.
Despite the pandemic, it seems that watch collectors are still keen to acquire rare and sought-after timepieces in the formal auction market. With a record attendance of over 2,500 online bidders from 83 countries, a very rare 1953 Patek Philippe world time ...
No wonder the watches are so expensive.
Patek Philippe recently announced the completion of its new production building facility in Geneva and, in keeping with tradition, it issued a commemorative watch to celebrate this milestone—the Ref. 6007 Calatrava in steel is a limited edition run of 1,000 pieces. The timepiece ...
The watch is a time capsule of sorts and validates that true luxury endures the test of time.
Ask anybody who’s not even interested in luxury timepieces about a watch ad that says that you never actually own the watch but you merely take care of it for the next generation and they’ll know it’s the Patek Philippe ad. The ...
A must-see is the roomful of timepieces that celebrates the rich history and culture of Southeast Asia.
Following well-attended shows in Dubai, Munich, London, and New York, Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe brings its fifth and largest Watch Art Grand Exhibition 2019 to Singapore this September.Happening at the Marina Bay Sands, the exhibit recreates the wonderful world of Patek ...
The luxury Swiss watch manufacturer has a long history of supplying timepieces and movements to royals.
Patek Philippe has created many of the finest and most sought after timepieces in the world. Here are some things to know about the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer.Polish watchmaker Antoine Norbert de Patek and partner Franciszek Czapek founded Patek, Czapek & Cie, the ...
These stunning, near-priceless objets d'art use ancient artisanal skills.
Rare handcrafts have been a part of the Patek Philippe brand since it was founded in 1839. The luxury timepiece maker was created in Geneva, which traces its status as a “center of excellence for rare handcrafts” back to the 17th century.For ...
See the new his and hers Calatrava Pilot Travel Time on their brand new account.
Luxury brands are very, very careful about the use of social media, so it is a very, very pleasant surprise to find that Patek Philippe has launched their own Instagram account recently.Now, everyone and their mom can ogle the beauties of Patek ...
Because you can never have too many tickers in your collection.
Every man—no matter how simple or powerful—has exactly 24 hours in every day of his life, but how many have a face to wear on their wrist for each hour? Are there actually 24 watches that are worth wearing in this world? ...
A handsome and useful timepiece for the jet-setters among us.
In this interconnected 24/7 world, keeping track of time has never been more crucial. We fly around the globe on personal and professional business at a minute’s notice and conduct conversations and meetings online at all hours of the day, making Patek ...
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