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The Swiss luxury watchmaker launches its first wristwatch with the grande sonnerie complication.
What does time sound like? Is it like an ambulance blaring on the street (to wake you up in the morning)? Is it like a ticking bomb signaling the last moments before an explosion (and making you feel more and more nervous)? ...
‘His and hers’ watches that will stand the test of time.
Shopping shouldn’t be confined by gender categories, and this applies to shopping for luxury watches, too. Whether you’re searching for a timepiece to own or a gift to give this holiday season, there are plenty of options in the market that will satisfy anyone’s ...
Meet the Patek Philippe that deserves a medal for bravery.
Switzerland is no risk-taker. As its European neighbors have rediscovered the joy of playing with matches, the nation of neutrality goes slow and steady. Its watch industry is no different: manufactures take their time over R&D. Trends and changes are subtle, incrementalist ...
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