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From Creed to Penhaligon's, these classics are the favorite of kings and princes.
Royals have been known to stick to their favorites. In fact, they've even awarded those who have supplied goods and services to them with a royal warrant of appointment. Through time, these have included nothing but the finest manufacturers of clothes, cars, ...
Can you guess which iconic brand started as an apothecary?
Welcome to August, Town&Country's Beauty Month.In the beauty world, people seek the fountain of youth. But when it comes to the business of beauty, the number of years a brand has been around gives it a longer heritage, and also an advantage ...
Prince Charles, Prince Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Moss use fragrances by Penhaligon's.
Many will agree that a century is more than enough time for a brand to build its legacy.Penhaligon’s, a favorite among past and present kings and queens, is steeped in its own colorful history. The scent continues to enrich this legacy by ...
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