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Bits of trivia surrounding the original EDSA Revolution.
When Ferdinand Marcos placed the entire country under Martial Law, he went to great lengths to celebrate it as the start of "The New Society." As far as descriptions go, it’s right on the money. He didn’t say better, or even simply ...
Economic volatility generally eased after 1986.
Thirty-three years have already passed since the Filipino people gathered together for the monumental overthrowing of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.As we celebrate the anniversary of the restoration of the country’s civil liberties and democracy, here’s a look at how the popular ...
These children's books teach kids about the Martial Law era without giving them nightmares.
Martial Law can be a pretty thorny topic to introduce to your children. You don't want to give them nightmares, but you also want to pass on the hard lessons of history so that they may not repeat it. Children’s books have always ...
In light of EDSA Revolution's 31st anniversary, we remember the spontaneity and solidarity that had once united us.
In the 31st anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, we remember the Filipinos who braved tanks and stood vigil in the streets to reclaim their democracy, toppling the two-decade rule of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. The People Power Revolution in February 1986 was just the first step in rebuilding a nation's ...
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