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Apa Ongpin and Pepe Diokno remember the rock star outside of his life in music.
Joey “Pepe” Smith was already a well-known musician and a fixture in Manila’s gig circuit for years when he was arrested and charged with violations of the country’s anti-illegal drugs laws in 1992. The rocker had a history with substance abuse, of ...
Tom Epperson captures Pepe Smith deep in thought.
Pepe Smith, the inimitable icon of Filipino rock 'n' roll, passed away today at 71 years old. Part of the iconic Juan dela Cruz band, together with Wally Gonzalez and Mike Hanopol, he leaves behind a catalogue of unforgettable anthems, including “Himig Natin,” ...
He's into airplanes, too
If there is one man who defines Pinoy rock ’n’ roll, it has to be Joey ‘Pepe’ Smith. A founding member of the Juan dela Cruz band and a constant fixture in the local music scene, Pepe is undoubtedly an icon.“I dropped ...
‘Singing In Graveyards’ also features performances by Mercedes Cabral, Lav Diaz, and Ely Buendia.
It’s a little confusing at first: The Pepe Smith we know—a real-life Filipino rock legend who, in real life, also goes by the name Joey Smith—plays the fictional Pepe Madrigal, a professional impersonator of the also-fictional Filipino rock legend, Joey Smith.Such is the ...
Wisdom and damn good advice from one of the country’s legends of rock-n-roll.
This was originally published in our October 2015 issue. I was in Japan [when I wrote Himig Natin], I was in Tokyo, 1972. I was lucky enough, I was strumming the guitar one day, I chanced on the chords, then I said, “Hey, that’s ...
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