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Your next grooming inspiration is your first role model.
To discover your fragrance, why not get inspired by your father, your first role model? By the time he had you, he already selected a signature scent and stayed loyal to it for the long haul. He has also defined a clear ...
With a critical eye—or in this case, nose—five female editors weigh in on the scents that you put on.
To please the fairer sex is the reason men subject themselves to scents, and so it’s only wise to ask women what they want. Do they like buoyant or dense fragrances? Do they prefer a multitude of nuances? Or do they just ...
Give the woman in your life the gift of smelling incredibly sensual.
Gilded LuxuryWhen Marc Jacobs launched the rich, opulent fragrance, Marc Jacobs Decadence, women all over the world swooned in delight. It exuded sophistication, with a bit of seduction thrown into the mix.Marc Jacobs reinvents the luxurious Decadence scent with Marc Jacobs Divine ...
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