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Rabies is a preventable viral disease, but it has yet to be fully stamped out in the country.
Cases of death due to rabies rose four-fold in the province of Iloilo last year, according to a report in Panay News. The Iloilo Provincial Health Office PHO said it recorded 12 deaths in the province due to rabies in 2021, compared to ...
Let’s give it a second thought.
After Pope Francis’ pronouncement last week that the trend of people who choose to take care of pets instead of human children is a form of selfishness, the kneejerk reaction from most of the self-professed pundits on social media was instantaneous and ...
He likes long walks on the beach and quick trips to the market.
Pets are a great source of joy. Not only are they loyal companions, they also help ease stress and feelings of loneliness and isolation. But it’s not always happy times, funny animal videos, and Instagrammable moments. Being a pet owner is a huge ...
It's an award-winning initiative by the tech giant.
Unboxing any new appliance, like a brand-new TV, is always an exciting experience. There’s a certain rush in opening the box, installing the TV, and seeing it perfectly fit your home. Movie marathons, virtual calls, and game nights are now possible in ...
Traveling with your pet is so much easier.
Traveling on a weekend road trip or just taking your pet somewhere isn’t always easy. You need to make your pet comfortable and make sure you protect your vehicle’s interiors. German brand Audi has solved this dilemma with an Audi-exclusive protective rear ...
One of its biggest attractions is the colony of six-toed cats.
Starved of international visitors, the house once inhabited by writer Ernest Hemingway in the Florida Keys has struggled to stay open. Almost all of its staff have been laid off during the coronavirus pandemic, yet the six-toed cats who live there still ...
It keeps them calm and lowers their anxiety caused by fireworks.
New Year’s Eve is probably the worst night of a dog’s year. Loud noises and explosions really amp their anxiety and may even traumatize them. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick you can do to calm your dog’s nerves. It’s called a thundershirt.A ...
Now if only they were available here.
Owning a dog is awesome. Owning a dog if you love your ride is the same, albeit with a little more concern over shed fur, drool, and scratched trim involved. If you’re looking to balance a passion for both canines and cars ...
More and more dogs are experiencing heat stroke this summer.
With Manila’s heat index rising to 40.4 degrees Celsius this week, everyone is trying their best to avoid the scorching sun and the humid air at all costs. While many people have been retreating to the comforts of air-conditioned homes and offices, ...
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