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The producer-turned-potion-master has launched an all-gender range under his Humanrace label.
"Self-care is the greatest luxury": a philosophy that dictates Pharrell Williams' path from the record business into that of wellness. He's not wrong. Just as workouts keep your body (and head) working properly, a sound grooming routine will ensure that said head looks as good ...
The Rock, Biebs, Diddy, and Becks reveal how they Benjamin Button their way through life.
No, you’re not imagining it. There’s a reason your favorite male celebrity still looks like he’s fresh out of college even if he’s pushing 45 (we’re looking at you, Pharrell Williams). While luck in the genetic lottery makes up part of it, ...
And it took Stan Smith himself to bring them to life.
Whether in music or in style, Pharrell Williams has always been a little left-of-field. It's part of what makes him the brilliant artist he is: He pushes creative boundaries, and seems totally unafraid of toeing the line between beautiful and weird. For the most part, it ...
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