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They’re pushing the boundaries of philanthropy by incorporating sustainable practices.
In this day and age, it’s not enough to set up a non-profit organization that will address present needs. If the current slew of organizations is any indication, a truly dynamic foundation is collaborative, holistic, and future-forward, and that means considering other ...
Volunteer opportunities are more accessible than ever.
The stress of everyday life can get overwhelming. And while there are many ways to wind down and to destress, might we suggest spending some time giving back to the community? Volunteerism has been increasing in relevance due to accessibility and its ...
The Teach for the Philippines founder was chosen from over 20,000 community leaders.
When former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the Obama Foundation's inaugural batch of Fellows on Instagram last April, the country was thrilled for Teach for the Philippines CEO and founder Clarissa Delgado, who was chosen from over 20,000 from 191 countries.The ...
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