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The issue is urgent as thee Japanese-Filipinos are approaching their twilight years.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Philippines has documented 3,836 persons of Japanese descent (PJDs) in the Philippines and has urged the governments of both countries to act swiftly to grant them citizenship. According to the UN report, PJDs are ...
One mountain had five unknown mammal species. There were dozens more.
Around 20 years ago, an international team of scientists attempted to describe all the existing mammal species in Luzon, the largest of the main islands of the Philippines. The study, led by Lawrence Heaney, was unprecedented in terms of scale and scope. ...
The story of Filipinos is closely linked with the sea.
The story of Filipinos is closely linked with the sea. To speak of one is to speak of the other. Their relationship is so intimate that many places in Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao are named after water (Laguna, Lanao, Pasig, Suba). ...
'Words of those heathen people,' Pigafetta wrote. 
Five hundred years ago, Antonio Pigafetta preserved snapshots of the lives and culture of the precolonial Filipinos. Pigafetta was an Italian scholar and explorer who chronicled the first circumnavigation of the world led by Ferdinand Magellan. The voyage was so significant because, finally, ...
That’s almost a full day’s shift.
At this point, internet access has long moved past privilege and is now into essential territory. Millions rely on it for work and productivity, especially during the pandemic. But just how pricey is internet in the Philippines in relation to how much ...
Taytay isn’t the only one.
Last year, we wrote about a crater on Mars named after a Philippine town. We also wrote about all of the other stuff in space with a Filipino origin. As it turns out, there are more craters on Mars named after towns in ...
It's the biggest China-funded infrastructure project in the Philippines so far.
An ambitious railway project that will link Subic Bay in Zambales to Clark in Pampanga has been signed between the governments of the Philippines and China.China will fund the single-track freight railway project that is estimated to cost $940 million (P45.18 billion) ...
We can’t wait to travel again.
If you’re like us, you’re probably close to going mad since the lockdown effectively squelched our plans to freely travel anywhere that’s not in our immediate vicinity. But the vaccine is on its way (hopefully) and at this point, it’s only a ...
The country might follow price increases in the US and other territories.
Netflix announced price increases in the US and other markets in late 2020, and some of those hikes have started being implemented this year. In America, a standard monthly subscription is going up $1 (about P48) from $12.99 (P624) to $13.99 (P672), while ...
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