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And why we haven’t changed the country’s name after all these years.
Most of us were taught in grade school that the country got its name from King Philip II of Spain. Initially, Las Islas Filipinas referred only to the islands of Samar and Leyte, which was bestowed upon it during the expedition led ...
Any guesses who's at number one?
The prevailing sentiment at this year’s Philippine Startup Week is one of excitement and optimism. Local startup companies have enjoyed modest growth in the country over the years, but at no time has interest, and indeed, investments into Filipino startups been higher ...
Feel like going on a cruise?
Cruising on a yacht is perhaps the ultimate rich person’s quirk. Regular people can have a house and a car, but only the truly rich can afford a boat or a yacht and take it out whenever they want. But if you’ve ever ...
Jaime Chua is an architect with a passion for plants.
Jaime Chua is a landscape architect by profession, but these days, he’s more well-known as a gardener and plant collector. In the Busay neighborhood of Cebu City, he owns a sprawling 1.7-hectare farm and plant nursery called Blooms and Greens, where there ...
Five nominations for the Philippines.
We already know the Philippines is one of the world’s best travel destinations, but it never hurts when we hear it from non-Filipinos. The World Travel Awards is a platform that seeks to “acknowledge, reward, and celebrate excellence across all sectors of ...
If you think that just because the GDP grew 11.8 % year-on-year that we're out of a recession, think again.
The Philippine Statistics Authority announced that the Gross Domestic Product in the second quarter of 2021 grew 11.8 percent year-on-year, the highest growth in 24 years.The huge jump in GDP growth prompted many economists to declare that the economic recession that started ...
The index evaluates the resilience of countries when it comes to business environments.
The Philippines' moved up in this year's FM Global Group's Global Resilience Index to 89th place from last year's 94th. The recently released index compiles economic, supply chain, and risk quality data from countries all over the world to show the resiliency of national business ...
Sisters and brothers from other mothers.
What do you know about Brazil? Probably just the basics: that it’s a country in South America, that a majority of the people speak Portugeues, and that it hosted the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. But it seems Filipinos and Brazilians ...
This couple did.
Here at Esquire, we write just about anything that’s interesting under the sun. Take this story about a couple based in Laguna, Philippines who cooked an egg—literally under the sun. We saw the social media post of photographer Winston Baltasar about his wife ...
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