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Think of it as a digital cleanse
Once every few months, I take my iPhone and go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. I skip the offer to use a backup, or transfer data, and build from the factory settings. My friends think I’m ...
The extremely wealthy have a different set of smartphone apps.
InspiratoCategory: TravelApp StoreLaunched in 2011, Inspirato is a luxury destination club that gives members access to exclusive vacation rental properties with on-site concierge services that can plan every single detail of specialized itineraries. The app boasts over 900 accommodations in 150 locations. ...
Or how to be an FB ninja
Admit it, sometimes you wish that you could disable the "seen" feature on Facebook Messenger. There are instances where you want to just read a message and not reply, and that's completely normal. But unfortunately, FB sends receipts. It can be such a drag, ...
Just like the day you got it
It's sad but inevitable that your once-pristine smartphone will slowly morph into a grimy, slow device unrecognizable from the cutting-edge gadget you bought home from the store. Here's how to get your phone back to its best, inside and out.Reducing app clutterAside ...
The Huawei P9 is co-created with Leica so you know it's perfection.
Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise, an outdoor action shot, an energetic dance party, or a vibrant travel landscape, an image taken by Huawei’s P9 smartphone can trick you into thinking it was shot with a professional camera, thanks to its star feature, ...
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