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It has been kept a secret, until now.
The Redmi Series is breaking records and entering unprecedented territories with the introduction of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, a 64mp camera phone—the first in the country—for only P12,990. It is currently the most powerful camera phone in the Philippine market.Redmi Note ...
The Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up introduces impressive upgrades worthy of the flagship phone’s 10th year anniversary.
A decade after it was introduced to the world, the Samsung Galaxy S series is getting its annual upgrades. This year’s line-up features an impressive range of options: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and the high-end Galaxy S10+, which comes with a limited ...
Telecommunication service providers will be migrating seven-digit numbers to eight digits.
You probably rely heavily on your mobile phones, but the truth is, they can’t quite replace landline phones just yet. Telephones are still very much in use, and if you have one in your household, then you might have heard that starting ...
Let's check if all the rumors were true.
Finally, Apple announced the launch of the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Turns out a lot of the leaks and rumors were true. Here's what we learned on the ...
Every day's an education
We bet you've noticed it before. And we bet you've wracked your brain to work out its purpose, before giving up and accepting it as just another unknowable part of the universe.Well finally the secret behind its meaning has been revealed—and we're ...
Bet you were proud of yourself for remembering to charge your phone last night, weren't you?While the rest of the shitmunchers on your packed train were awkwardly clutching their juddering books, you were harvesting the power of electricity! If only for a ...
Someone up there must miss the 2000s, because like blink-182 and Gilmore Girls, the flip phone is coming back.Samsung announced the release of its new Galaxy Folder Flip 2 last week, the sequel to its 2013 foray into reviving the flip phone. ...
Twice as much area to crack!
It seems barely a day passes without an iPhone 8 rumor, whether it is the price, potential facial detection and retina scanner, or possibility of wireless charging. It feels like Steve Jobs is orchestrating a never-ending keynote address from beyond the grave to ...
According to the latest tech leak
The iPhone 8 will arrive on the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, meaning Apple will be going all out to reassert itself as the most pioneering and innovative smartphone company in the world after ceding some ground to its competitors in recent ...
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