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Features of the car are set against the beauty of the Philippine landscape.
For the second edition of its “Embrace Extraordinary” campaign, Bentley Motors chose visual talents around the region to capture the parallelism between Bentley design elements and the world around them. Select photographers and content creators were invited to draw inspiration from Bentley’s ...
The former domestic helper turned celebrated photographer shares her mother's migration story.
When Xyza Cruz Bacani sat down with Esquire Philippines on a quiet Sunday in January, the street photographer was taking a breather after her exhibit in Hong Kong, We are Like Air, which is also the same title as her new book.Ever ...
Apple selected 10 amateur mobile photographers for the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.
Sometimes it’s not just about the equipment, it’s also about the skill.Ten iPhone users proved this can be applied to photography too, as Apple Inc. announced the winners of the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.The American multinational tech company launched the competition ...
The images in the book were taken over the span of 30 years.
In the Philippines, capturing the lives of ethnolinguistic communities (also called indigenous peoples) is a feat that many photographers attempt, but that very few manage to do justice. Renowned photographer Tommy Hafalla has spent his entire career documenting the Cordilleras, amassing a wealth of ...
This month's featured photographer was behind some of Esquire Philippines' most memorable covers.
Since moving back to the Philippines from Spain, Francisco Guerrero has built a name for himself as a travel and lifestyle photographer, the host What I See, a travel photography show on CNN Philippines, and as one of the founders of Grid, a ...
This month's featured photographer is Martin San Diego.
Martin San Diego's first camera was a small point-and-shoot that his mother had asked a friend to buy from the US. He took that camera to school—it was 2007, and he was then only a high school sophomore—every day. He finally replaced it ...
'Bursting at the Seams' shows you life on the inside.
Photographer Rick Rocamora spent six years visiting jails, detention centers, and prisons around the Philippines, from Baguio to Cebu to General Santos, documenting their notoriously overcrowded and inhumane conditions. The situation was already bad in 2011, when he began, but it has ...
The annual procession of the Black Nazarene draws millions of people.
It’s an annual phenomenon, but one that never ceases to astonish. On the ninth of every January since the year 1787, Filipinos have gathered to celebrate the “solemn transfer” of the Black Nazarene, a life-sized image of a dark-skinned Jesus Christ carrying the ...
Four ways to get your name out there without selling yourself short.
New photographers, beware this career landmine. It starts innocently enough, a benign email introducing a project that dear sender thinks you’d be very interested in, or perhaps it’s a little more outright, like a job posting on Facebook with big, bright letters; WANTED: ...
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