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Yes, that's a terrible "shaken, not stirred" joke.
James Bond has truly awful taste in non-standard cocktails. A martini that's shaken, not stirred? It's a watery mess, an affront to good martinis everywhere. And a Vesper, with its thimble of Lillet and bucket of gin (plus vodka, because to hell with ...
Well, they are looking for a Daniel Craig replacement.
It's been 17 years since we saw Bond's Aston Martin sliding across a frozen tundra, 'Bolero' (probably) blasting out from the stereo. And ever since Pierce Brosnan's final outing as 007 in Die Another Day, a gritty new Bond has looked after the license ...
The besuited Brosnan brood made a big impression
James Bond is a character in flux. We don't just mean a rethink of the rules following the recent goings on in Hollywood, either. Just as Roger Moore presented a unique Bond, so too did Pierce Brosnan, the chandelier-tonsiled rogue with a ...
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