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What makes you happy does not necessarily define your purpose
What makes you happy does not necessarily define your purpose. Disney and Pixar’s latest animated film Soul is a dissection of the meaning of life. It will be available in theaters on December 25 in participating cinemas. Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) is a ...
It's broken down into a 22-step structure.
Although Pixar is not one of the most prolific studios in Hollywood (it only produces one movie per year), when it does make a movie, it's almost always a masterpiece. For one thing, Pixar has mastered the eternally complex and tedious art of ...
It's part of PIxar's series of "indie" shorts.
Just a few days after Darren Criss’ win at the Golden Globes, Hollywood took another step forward in recognizing its Filipino-American artists. This time, it’s courtesy of one of the largest animation studios in the world.Earlier this month, Pixar launched SparkShorts, a ...
Commence ugly-crying.
Pixar Animation Studios has set the bar for animation, partnering talented voice actors and expressive visuals with a soundtrack perfectly timed to make grown men cry. But as stunning as their films and animated shorts look, they would be nothing without a ...
All the feels
Have you heard about how all of Pixar's films exist within the same universe? It has inspired such a cult of followers it even has its own website.After years of speculation and fans piecing together moments in their films, Pixar has come ...
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