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These cities comprise half the population of the National Capital Region.
On Tuesday, the Parañaque city government announced that it would ban single-use plastics in all commercial establishments in the city by June 2020. The ban covers plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic utensils, and other plastic disposables such as cups, stirrers, bowls, and ...
Bill banning single-use plastics may receive the President’s support.
You may live to see the day when single-use plastics are illegalized in the Philippines. Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on November 10 that the President would likely certify as priority legislation a bill seeking to ban single-use plastics. According to Panelo, during ...
And the problem is more alarming than it seems.
American marine biologist Darrel Blatchley has spent the last 10 years pulling trash out of dead whales' carcasses in the Philippines. “I have recovered 64 whales in the Philippines in the last 10 years. Fifty-eight died due to humans. Forty-eight due to plastic,” said ...
These international brands are the biggest champions of the ocean.
Plastic pollution has become so severe, people are literally eating, breathing, and drinking plastic: It is in our food, our water, and our air. Last month, scientists found microplastics in rain. The problem has become so pervasive that international brands are devising ...
We looked at data to see if metal straws are really worse than plastic straws.
Metal straws have been slammed recently due to concerns regarding their safety and environmental impact. On Twitter, a user slammed metal straws for their alleged impact on the environment.“Your metal straws are products of nickel mining,” Twitter user @pammirand wrote. “Result: indigenous ...
That's enough sachets every year to cover Metro Manila's landmass in one foot of plastic.
Much has been written about the Philippines’ plastic pollution problem. Previous studies have ranked the Philippines as the third biggest ocean polluter of plastic, and many Filipinos have declared that stances on the issue will influence their vote in the upcoming senatorial elections.To show ...
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