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Our resident devourer of pop culture has Almodovar and Spanish novelists on her mind this month.
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora EphronAssymetry by Lisa HallidayThis novel about a young writer who has an affair with a much, much older writer who is expected to win the Nobel Prize, by a writer who had an affair ...
The horoscope-inspired playlist is updated monthly.
Spotify has unveiled a new set of playlists based on the 12 horoscope signs. The music streaming platform said it worked with astrologer Chani Nicholas on the new Cosmic Playlists, combining her astrological readings with the particular sign’s “theme of the moment.” ...
While his Dunkirk score was incredible, there's so much more to Zimmer than just Nolan films.
Dunkirk marks the sixth collaboration between director/screenwriter Christopher Nolan and composer Hans Zimmer (seventh, if you count Man of Steel, of which Nolan was a producer). Cut in a way that viewers have little time to pause and collect themselves, Dunkirk is tense, ...
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