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Not only does it inform the cast’s performances, but its stripping down of the play’s setting to its barest elements underscores the universality and timelessness of its message.
Let’s get this out of the way, first: Stephen Sondheim’s Company wouldn’t have been written today the way it was written back in 1970. The musical is, in every which way, composed of material written by a white male in 1970s New ...
There’s far more to "Angels in America" than its tackling of gay and AIDS-related issues.
When Angels in America debuted on Broadway in 1993, the United States was still dealing with the effects of the AIDS crisis of the mid-'80s. The LGBT community, just a few years prior, had faced fear and persecution from a citizenry that ...
Part TED talk and part improv performance, the play features heavy interaction with the audience.
Every Brilliant Thing, the first show of The Sandbox Collective’s fifth year as a production company, tells the story of Angela (Teresa Herrera), a woman whose mother suffers from bipolar depression. After her mother attempts suicide, Angela attempts to make things better ...
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