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What happened in Tarlac is not an isolated incident.
The video has made its way around social media by now. A heated argument that was initially about firecrackers devolved into violence and ended up with two unarmed individuals crumpling to the ground, dead from gunshot wounds to the head. And the person ...
The country was also included in a list of countries with most troubling reports of police brutality.
The Philippines is at the top of the list of countries where the most people have been arrested or detained because of alleged quarantine violations related to the coronavirus pandemic. A Reuters news item says that the United Nations human rights office has sounded ...
History hasn’t taught us anything.
If there’s anything the most recent hostage-taking incident in Greenhills reminded us of, it’s of past hostage-taking incidents and how woefully unprepared our law enforcement officials are when it comes to these security threats. Every time something like this hogs the headlines, you’d ...
It's part of the campaign against illegal drugs.
In August last year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) took its campaign against illegal drugs to the high-end clubs and bars in Taguig and Makati. At that time, the PNP implied that they would eventually implement the same practice in other areas of Metro Manila. Well, ...
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