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The densely populated NCR is at high risk of spreading polio faster.
When the Department of Health (DOH) recorded two cases of polio back in September 2019, it immediately declared a national outbreak. That’s how serious polio is. Since then, there have been six more cases in Mindanao, and one in Laguna.Then, on January ...
The Department of Health released recommendations for travelers in light of the polio outbreak.
Less than a month after the Department of Health declared a polio oubreak last September 19, it has released an advisory recommending travelers of ALL ages who are planning a trip to the Philippines to get a single dose of the inactivated poliovirus ...
Ed Geronia recalls his life before and after being infected with polio.
The resurgence of polio had made me ask my mother Linda, now 73, about the time when I was hospitalized a few days after my first birthday. I’ve heard her story a few times along with additional commentary from my late father. ...
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