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As Mindanao grapples with the aftershocks of the Cotabato earthquakes, we need to understand that aid should and must be color-blind.
Of all the things to politicize, a natural disaster that has gravely affected thousands of Filipinos is not one of them. That should be a given for all rational thinking citizens, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.It was a good ...
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The Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) is the act of liberalizing the importation, exportation, and trading of rice, lifting for the purpose of the quantitative import restriction on rice. The RTL doesn't limit the number of importers to bring in rice, but an ...
Political dynasties in the Philippines can trace their origins to the Spanish colonization.
The May 2019 elections shone a light on political dynasties and how they can collapse in a single day. There is so much talk about political dynasties that you’d think that these are fairly recent phenomena, something that appeared just after the ...
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