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They were technically the first Filipinos to land on the Billboard Charts.
Before the British Invasion dominated American pop culture in the mid-1960s, a Filipino band was on the cusp of true superstardom.The Rocky Fellers often get forgotten when we remember our Filipino pioneers abroad. Long before the likes of an Arnel Pineda, Olivia ...
Are you a toxic fan?
Many fans of Korean boy band BTS went nuclear recently when a few ignorant students posted photos of themselves making fun of the group with a homophobic slur. Some of the fans got so mad they doxxed (posted personal and private information ...
Numbers don't lie.
That Filipinos are obsessed with Western pop culture is common knowledge. We sing and dance to the music of American pop stars, watch the latest Disney and Marvel blockbusters, and worship Hollywood celebrities. That’s not even up for debate. So the question is, ...
It’s happening at Solaire this weekend.
Geek culture has invaded the mainstream for years now. Just look at the immense popularity of things like gaming, cosplay, and, of course, superhero movies and TV shows.In Manila, various conventions or “cons” featuring specific areas of “geekdoms” have become a staple ...
JZ turns to a Spanish novelist, poetry and familiar popcorn flicks during a monthlong sojourn in Spain.
A Heart So White by Javier MariasIt took me years to get through Marias’s digressive, meandering styles and finish one of his novels, but now that I know how they work, I love them. One of his best novels, about gestures and ...
Our resident devourer of pop culture has Almodovar and Spanish novelists on her mind this month.
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora EphronAssymetry by Lisa HallidayThis novel about a young writer who has an affair with a much, much older writer who is expected to win the Nobel Prize, by a writer who had an affair ...
JZ prepares for a month-long trip to Spain by reading Bolaño and watching a Spanish series about a gang of criminals.
Writer Jessica Zafra prepares for a month-long trip to Spain by reading Bolaño and watching a Spanish series about a gang of criminals. Here, her top pop culture picks for TV and books in April.Not the End of the World by Kate ...
JZ gets acquainted with a canine friend, lovers during the Cold War, and the scammer behind "the greatest party that never happened"
Francois Truffaut said, “Three films a day, three books a week, and records of great music would be enough to make me happy to the day I die.” A good plan for spending your life, but for that annoying concept: bills. So ...
Jessica Zafra breaks down all the books she's read and every movie and TV show she's watched so far in 2019.
A new novel by Kate Atkinson is reason to cancel all appointments, turn off the phone and stay in bed reading the book in your pajamas. Coming after what may be her finest novels, Life After Life and A God In Ruins ...
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