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First of all, we need to recognize that this was a pretty big step for a Church that’s over 2,000 years old.
News that Pope Francis expressed support for same-sex civil unions began to spread in the early hours of Thursday (October 22) Manila time. For once it was refreshing to read headlines about gay people in a more positive light, without words like ...
Here are some things to reflect upon based on Pope Francis’ message.
In speeches, Pope Francis has been known to be simple yet potently blunt as he brings doctrinal lingo into language we all understand, whether it’s about science, climate change, or aliens.This year, his New Year Message talks about peace, politics, and social ...
Nothing will define his papacy like how he responds to the systemic sexual abuse of children.
Holy mother of god.There is no longer any doubt that the institutional Roman Catholic Church in the United States existed in part—and likely still exists—as a vast conspiracy to obstruct justice in the crime of sexual assault by members of its clergy. ...
Here's how Pope Francis would advise you on your everyday problems.
Pope Francis is many things to the Catholic Church; he is, at all times, a leader, a teacher, a father, a friend, a revolutionary, and a scholar. Above all else, however, the Pope is a philosopher, studying the Bible and his lifetime ...
In times of despair, his words aim to bring people together.
You can always count on TED Talks to feature a roster of inspiring speakers, but they outdid themselves in last month's series by tapping one of the world's most influential leaders. Filmed from Vatican City, Pope Francis extended some wisdom on how ...
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