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Porn site records spike in users as virus continues to spread worldwide.
With the enhanced community quarantine now in full effect, most of us have no choice but to stay indoors and wait out the crisis. That means that we can expect the hours glued to our TVs and digital screens watching Netflix or ...
It looks like they're not too interested in fellow Filipinos.
In its 2018 Year in Review report, adult content platform Pornhub revealed that among its 20 most active markets, the Philippines had the highest proportion of female users. Filipino women made up 38 percent of the total Filipino visitors in Pornhub, much higher ...
We're number 1 when it comes to time spent per visit to the website.
The Philippines ranked 10th in terms of largest daily traffic to Pornhub this year, according to its 2018 Year in Review report.While the report did not specify how many visits it received from the Philippines each day, the country did rise three ...
It's not NSFW.
Pornhub—a well-known adult films portal—doesn't normally get discussed in mainstream media for its acts of social awareness. So, in case you missed it, Pornhub launched its "Panda Style" campaign during last month's celebration of Panda Day.As everyone knows, the very existence of pandas ...
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