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How to navigate the trend that's so wearable, it might be too wearable.
In the name of JFK, Paul Newman, and Ralph Lauren, amen. Praise be to the holy trinity of prep. May we, as they, loaf with ease in white sock and chino, in oxford-weave, varsity cotton and cable knit. May our athletic club ...
The classic look is being modernized and reinterpreted with new influences ranging from hip-hop to skateboarding.
Say the word “preppy” and it’ll very likely conjure images of John F. Kennedy, early aughts Vampire Weekend, and maybe your favorite Vineyard Vines-bedecked finance bro. Preppy is, after all, short for preparatory, as in school, as in East Coast WASP factories ...
Learn the difference between your tartans, plaids, and checks.
Patterns and prints will always have a place in a preppy wardrobe. With that in mind, it’s important to know what is what and which is which the next time you make your way to Ralph Lauren. Here, we’ve compiled the preppy’s ...
The leisure look of the Ivy League really works for warm weather.
Letterman jackets, boat shoes, and draped cardigans—there’s something so timeless about the preppy manner of dress that harks back to the Ivy League life. Think polo matches, gin and tonics at the beach, and just about whatever the Kennedys were crazy about.In ...
Consider this your preppy style bible.
A true prep’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the aforementioned brands. Other brands that suit the preppy lifestyle are Lacoste, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Hilfiger, L.L. Bean, and Tory Burch.No one really knows how monogramming came to be associated with preps ...
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