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President Duterte addresses the rumors of his alleged death over the weekend.
By now, you’ve probably seen the video of President Rodrigo Duterte personally dispelling rumors about his supposed death on Facebook.Through his common law wife Honeylet Avanceña’s Facebook account, the President, clad in a white t-shirt of a certain Davao-based firm no less, ...
He's in town to judge a pageant, scout for locations, and express opinions.
Steven Seagal is currently in Manila to judge a Miss Earth pageant, hang out with Chavit Singson, scout for locations for his next film, and shoot a TV series about drugs, crime, and corruption called General Commander. According to this report by ...
“Rape, droga, at mga nakawan, dapat na mapigilan”
Yesterday must have been a long day for President Rodrigo Duterte. It can be taxing, after all, to stand in front of millions of people to report the state of a discordant nation, especially if you’re going to follow a serpentine train ...
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