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"My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by these tragedies," she wrote to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Read the full statement here.
The most senior members of the British Royal Family have offered their condolences to the Philippines after the devastation wrought by Typhoon Ompong (international name: Mangkhut). A death toll of 81 has been reported, with the numbers expected to increase as the ...
Live like a king or queen by buying brands and products with royal warrants.
With the recent news about the Queen’s royal bra-maker Rigby & Peller being stripped of its 57-year-old royal warrant, we decided to revisit the business of the Royal Warrant Association and the brands the royal family remains loyal to.How is a royal warrant ...
Prince Philip was separated from his family at an early age, and later lost his sister in a plane crash.
It’s no secret that Prince Charles’s relationship with his father Prince Philip is flawed. In the past, the heir to the British throne has described his father as “harsh” and “hectoring."Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, admits that he and his son are ...
Who were “Murgatroyd” and “Winterbottom"?
Queen Elizabeth and the British monarchy faced a number of hurdles in the late '50s. She had only been on the throne for less than a decade when the U.K. found itself in the throes of an economic crisis. The country was ...
What happened at the Thursday Club and who was his private secretary, Mike Parker?
Prince Philip has been the subject of infidelity rumors throughout his 70-year marriage with the Queen. Past reports include affairs with some high profile personalities, such as actress Pat Kirkwood and Helene Foufounis but none of the scandals ever had any real ...
The Crown's Matt Smith gives hints about Season Two, talks about actress Claire Foy, and sends a message to his Filipino fans.
It’s difficult to imagine anyone other than Matt Smith in Prince Philip’s shoes on the hit Netflix show The Crown. The British actor is, after all, almost a carbon copy of a young Duke of Edinburgh. But Smith isn’t as stern or serious ...
He's so much more than just a consort.
Earlier this year, we released a primer on Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. We explored the basic facts that make Prince Philip the sharp prince consort we’ve come to know today.And as we await the premiere of The Crown's second season, we ...
Inheritance beyond regal titles and net worth.
Prince Michael of Kent is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a second cousin to Prince Charles. These are just some of the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth. Prince Michael is thought to resemble the stern front of ...
Out of the 800 plus brands with royal warrants, these ones are available in the Philippines.
For centuries, members of the royal family have been granting royal warrants to certain businesses. A royal warrants means a tradesman has been appointed to supply the royal grantor with goods. Warrant holders have since been held in high regard, since their ...
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