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Privacy watchdog says Grab didn't sufficiently assess the risks of its features.
The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is halting three of Grab’s personal data processing systems for alleged failure to comply with provisions in the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and possibly endangering the privacy rights of the riding public. In a cease and desist ...
It ends with a handy trick: control + F and the magic word, “consent.”
Isaac Reyes, lead trainer of DataSeer, a data science training company, was invited by the Philippine Senate to give a talk about data privacy and collection in the country. The session was addressed to researchers, officials, and data analysts working with the ...
It's more than you think
It's easy to think that if you monitor what you post on Facebook, your personal information won't be exposed. Take one look at this creepy setting on your profile and your mind may change. The social media app, like many other websites, keeps tabs ...
Saying a very common word aloud has been found to trigger a recording device on the phone
If you've got an Android phone and you've been sharing some particularly sensitive information recently, you might want to read this. Because it turns out the smartphones might have been recording you at certain times without you ever having realised.If you're the ...
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