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This is what the Filipino worker prioritizes.
In part two of the Decoding Global Talent report by JobStreet Philippines, Boston Consulting Global, SEEK Asia, and The Network, research shows that more than anything else, Filipino workers want job security and work-life balance in these uncertain times.According to JobStreet’s “Ultimate Guide to ...
These Filipinos have done it—and they have no regrets.
Picture this: You're scrolling through JobStreet or LinkedIn to check for job openings and you see one that piques your curiosity. Oh, but they're looking for someone with five years of experience in the industry, and you only have two. Moving on. Does ...
Make the most out of the community quarantine with these numerous digital tools to sharpen your skills.
The current global COVID-19 outbreak has pushed the labor force to welcome and embrace the idea of WFH or work from home, since the consequential quarantine protocol has implored everyone who isn’t in the frontline services to stay home.While we are contributing ...
Ensure productivity doesn't slip even when you're wearing slippers instead of shoes.
For those who aren’t used to it, working from home can seem like a dream. But once domestic challenges (cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and pets) start to mix with your work routine, productivity can start slipping. Here are some tips ...
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