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Real estate tech startup C Estates is poised to democratize the property market.
“Everything is going digital—I think real estate is not an exception,” says Eli Becislao, COO of C Estates Inc., a real estate tech startup that’s gearing to disrupt the real estate market.C Estates is an open-access online platform that connects real estate buyers ...
The surge in Chinese property buyers has led to higher price tags and rental rates all over the region.
There’s been some talk recently on how the Philippines’ stronger relations with China under the current administration have affected the country. While some of these situations are complicated (to say the least), others are relatively more straightforward.One of those more straightforward influences ...
Check out some of Metro Manila's priciest addresses.
How does P18,800 for a one-night stand in a hotel room sound?If that made your wallet groan, it’s for a good reason. That’s the cheapest rack rate for a night in Okada Manila, which offers the most expensive hotel rooms in Metro ...
Condo prices in Makati dropped 55 percent in the last two years.
If you bought a house and lot in Rizal, a condominium unit in Pateros, or a townhouse in Davao Del Norte at the start of 2017, your property's prices soared the highest in the last two years.That’s according to data from Property24, ...
Data from Property24 show average price growth of various types of residential properties
Real estate in the Philippines has remained one of the brighter spots for investors. While pooled funds struggle to earn annual returns that beat inflation and stocks remain on a downtrend, properties have generally continued to appreciate year after year.And data from ...
Yes, the government gets a cut from your inheritance. Don't worry, they don't get everything, and there are ways to protect a huge chunk of it.
Only death and taxes are certain in this life. The two collide because the inheritance you get from a parent’s passing is subject to estate tax. Yes, it sounds awful that the government gets to benefit from such a terrible occurrence like your ...
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