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The "JUST STOP OIL" protesters represent an outdated model for the climate movement that does little to build public support.
Guys, we get it with the paintings. You are the third Deface a Famous Painting Protest in two weeks. The wider public is aware you want oil drilling to cease and you are expressing this by messing with art while wearing your ...
Far from being simple messages on a wall, protest art is a reflection and a subversion.
We’ve all encountered protest art at least once: the unsubtle writing on the wall calling for an end to imperialism, an effigy of the President being burned or maimed during a protest, or songs and stories about the harsh realities of society. ...
These creatives are fighting historical revisionism by flooding Twitter with protest art using the hashtags #Marcos100 and #MarcosArtrocities.
In celebration of Ferdinand Marcos's 100th birthday (which, ironically enough, falls on September 11), the Marcos Centennial Facebook page posted a call-out for posters "reflecting the outstanding accomplishment and character of President Marcos as a Filipino."However, the good people of Twitter just ...
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