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"The authorities also harassed activists and protesters," the 2022 CIVICUS monitor report noted.
The harassment of dissenters will undermine the democratic values of any country. Organizations in the Philippines, who work tirelessly to assert their rights in the social and political arena, are a pillar of such. Nevertheless, they face an uphill battle. Unfortunately, the ...
On Twitter, information about the demonstrations have been drowned out by Chinese-language spam accounts.
In China, protesters rallying against the administration's "Zero COVID Policy" have only increased over the course of the past few days. The widespread public protests have decrying lockdown restrictions and COVID tests, after emergency personnel were stopped from addressing a fire in ...
It's not the first time a mob of angry protesters loyal to a fallen leader tried to violently overthrow the government.
American news media had a field day last Wednesday (January 6) when demonstrators loyal to President Donald Trump descended on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The end goal was to disrupt the certification of electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden, which ...
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