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It’s real but barely spoken about.
Seeing all the social media posts during the holidays, you’d think people overdosed on Christmas cheer and just can’t help projecting it out into the world. But we all know Facebook isn’t real life, or, at least, doesn’t give us a complete ...
They're similar, but different.
Many people are familiar with the words psychopath and sociopath and are often cavalier about using them in everyday conversation. Because we mostly hear them said in movies and TV shows, we have some idea about what they mean, but in reality, ...
But it’s not financial success or the desire for money per se that’s problematic.
People whose main barometer of success is how much money they have in the bank often end up feeling lonelier or more isolated than others, a new study finds. Previous research have suggested links between those who base their self-worth on financial success ...
When you’re unwilling to accept information that contradicts what you already believe, that’s confirmation bias.
Confirmation bias is the tendency to look for information that supports what you already firmly believe to be true.  I used to know someone who was a big fan of a female politician. He always filled his Facebook feed with news of the ...
Non-clinical narcissists and psychos can be empathize. They just choose not to.
Have you ever greeted someone a merry Christmas and received a “Thank you!” in return instead of another “Merry Christmas” too? Well, that person could be a narcissist, and he could be refusing to greet you back and is just really being ...
We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we tell ourselves, but apparently, the world can’t help it.
Did you know that it takes an average tenth of a second for human beings to form an impression about someone else’s character? With the knowledge of just how important first impressions are, researchers from the University of Toronto conducted a study ...
Young members of Gen Z take less risks than their millennial counterparts.
The media’s fixation with millennials and their baffling behavior—from their fondness for avocado toast to their delicate, ‘snowflake-like’ demeanor over social issues—has left out significant conversation about the next group of members of society, Generation Z or Gen Z, for short. Also ...
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