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We spoke to the costume designer on both films, Betsy Heimann, about the look.
It’s been 25 years since Pulp Fiction was released in UK cinemas, and we can’t imagine how many dorm room walls John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson have graced in that time. That gun-toting image of Vincent and Jules is still arguably Tarantino’s most ...
Honestly, it's completely fine.
The mythos around Quentin Tarantino's Vega brothers—Vincent, played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, and Vic, played by Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs - is surely the biggest of any of Tarantino's characters.Even the mention of the mooted team-up film Tarantino began to write but ...
What would have happened if Quentin really made a Pulp Fiction prequel? It would've taken place in Amsterdam.
The idea of a prequel to Pulp Fiction focusing on the Vega brothers Vincent, played by John Travolta, and Vic, played in Reservoir Dogs by Michael Madsen, has been kicking around since the release of Pulp Fiction itself, under the name Double V Vega.Beyond following Vic and Vincent around, ...
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