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Less is known about Prince Albert, but he was actually a dominant figure and influence behind Queen Victoria's successful reign.
It was not until Prince Albert’s death in 1861 that his contributions to the monarch and the country were immensely appreciated, as he had often been deemed as a German interloper by British society during his lifetime. During his life, he was ...
Inheritance beyond regal titles and net worth.
Prince Michael of Kent is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a second cousin to Prince Charles. These are just some of the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth. Prince Michael is thought to resemble the stern front of ...
All evidence of the Queen's confidant was hastily buried by the royal court after the monarch's death.
The latest Judi Dench film has directed the spotlight once again on the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and her servant, Abdul Karim. For over a century, not much was known about the close relationship the monarch shared with her Indian companion ...
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