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Each shirt is made from about 12 plastic bottles and dyed using an entirely waterless process.
They grow up so fast. It seems like only yesterday Ralph Lauren unveiled the Earth Polo, its sustainability-minded take on the classic RL polo, to the world. In reality, that was a full two years ago, when just a few colors of the ...
The iconic American brand and the Chinese streetwear innovators put a new spin on some old favorites.
There is simply no way to talk about American fashion without talking about Ralph Lauren. The man and the brand that bears his name are synonymous with stateside style. But the really heartening thing about that—the thing that points to the impressive level ...
A little good news for the red, white, and blue, courtesy of the 46th president and the iconic. designer.
It'd be a bit of a stretch to call Joe Biden a budding fashion plate. Despite a lovingly parodied preference for Ray-Ban aviators, over nearly half a century of public service the President-elect has cultivated a no-fuss sense of personal style defined ...
The new documentary, Very Ralph, has this week's Style Archive looking to a nation's genealogy
We see Ralph Lauren, in black and white photographs, armed with nothing but a suitcase and the tailoring of your forefathers: wide-lapeled, boxy, an Oxbridge check. He's off to sell some ties to Bloomingdales, says the narrator of HBO and Sky Atlantic's ...
Denim Bear, Bedford Bear, and Tuxedo Bear now come in timepiece form.
Ralph Lauren is in the business of building icons. The man himself? Yep, he's an icon. So is the brand that bears his name. And the bear that (ahem) bears that brand's name, the Polo Bear, well, he's become an icon, too. ...
The new Polo Sport Denim and Polo Sport Silver lines launch this week.
Back in 1992, Ralph Lauren introduced the Polo Sport collection for the first time. It was a major move, especially for the time: a luxury fashion brand bringing a full sportswear lineup into the mix. And it was a successful one, too, ...
And all it takes is 12 plastic bottles.
For a while there, too many of us tiptoed around the idea of sustainability in fashion. But shoppers increasingly see it as an absolute requirement for the brands they buy. And though those brands have previously been small, committed companies with a ...
How do you sell success? You embody it. Half a century ago, Ralph Lauren built an empire on the American dream: the belief that with hard work, and perseverance, and some luck, anyone could shoot to the top. We proved him right with our wallets. This year, as he celebrates his company’s 50th anniversary, Esquire talks with the people who watched Ralph on the rise.
He was a Bronx-born son of immigrants who grew up prizing a certain idea of America, then sold it right back to us. Eventually his name would be dropped in rap songs and sitcoms, becoming synonymous with a lifestyle of ease and ...
First things first. How do you pronounce his name? (Hint: He's American, not French.)
Ralph Lauren is a staple in most wardrobes. Fashion trends may come and go, but the brand's classic pieces have remained the same, if not gotten better, through the years. Here's everything you need to know about the clothing designer, philanthropist, and ...
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