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All PhilHealth-funded tests will no longer be entertained by the Philippine Red Cross.
Coming on the heels of Philhealth corruption allegations, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has announced its plans to cease all COVID-19 tests being charged to PhilHealth, as of October 15. According to a lengthy public statement from the organization, PhilHealth owes PRC ...
ICRC and Fortnite have a special project for gamers.
Gaming has always been seen as a hobby at best, and a distraction and addiction at worst. But that hasn’t stopped the industry from exploding in popularity, so much so that even legitimate organizations have now begun thinking of ways of using ...
The senator and chairman of the Philippine Red Cross on egotism, cowboy movies, and why Lancelot was always better than Arthur.
"Face the future, don’t fear the future. Make the future your friend."You’re a risk-taker when you can leave the shoreline without seeing it, and travel to a place you don’t know.I flunked high school in second year. It turned my life around. It ...
Boaty McBoatface is already taken.
Does naming a ship make you a good person, an honest humanitarian even? Well, in this case you’d have to be, since only Red Cross Volunteers have a say in what the Philippine Red Cross’s first ambulance and disaster response ship will ...
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