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The Basic Bastard module by Reddit's r/malefashionadvice is an easy cluster of outfits for men.
Style guides, including the ones we write, are made with the good intention of helping you dress better. Though these primers cover the basics, from pairing colors and prints to choosing the right fit for your body type, sometimes they just don't get ...
Your real-life tito woes answered by the Internet.
No, it’s not just you. Somewhere in another part of the world is a hapless guy looking for useful style tips for men. He’s wondering whether his red shirt, striped tie, and vest combo is a fitting outfit for a job interview. ...
The popular subreddit turned 10 this week, and it's still helping guys improve their style—sans trolls.
The Internet is not often a place for thoughtful, productive discussion. But Reddit’s style-focused Subreddit, r/malefashionadvice, has been and remains one of the few prominent places on the Internet that fosters real discussion. There are a few things that make that possible, like ...
"I'm a 28-year-old virgin."
Everybody’s looking for their one true love, and often, we build ourselves up and present the best version of ourselves in the hopes of attracting a suitable mate.Not this person though. Reddit user u/medyochakalang embraced her inner ugly when she posted a ...
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