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As if we needed more proof that he’s a good guy.
Alden Richards is well-known in the industry as a consummate professional and all-around good guy. There are many stories of him participating in disaster relief operations, donating to worthy causes, and just being nice to fans. After the devastation of Typhoon Ulysses (and ...
You get a new pair of kicks and you'd be helping typhoon victims, too.
The world may have never been as polarized as it is today, but, as Mother Teresa once said, “Great things happen when people come together.” And what better way to highlight the great things collaboration can do than by celebrating exactly that ...
As if we didn’t already have enough problems.
There’s no shortage of people willing to help the victims of the most recent typhoons. Time and again, Filipinos have dug deep and offered assistance to those hardest hit by the natural disasters not just in the form of relief goods, but ...
Give, if you can.
The devastation wrought by typhoon Ulysses continues to unravel. Images of people trying to rebuild, particularly in Marikina and Rizal province, are all over social media. It’s doubly heartbreaking considering that it’s barely been a few days since typhoon Rolly ravaged the ...
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