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Chery’s subcompact crossover knows what it is and what it can do.
Whether it’s the improving economy or the fact that there are those who managed to save up some cash during the pandemic, it seems people are beginning to loosen the purse strings and making big purchase this year. Like, cars, for example. ...
This isn’t your mom’s minivan.
Most guys dream of owning a snazzy sports car to take on the ultimate getaway or a beastly SUV that can conquer rough roads. But priorities change when reality kicks in. Suddenly, you need space for the kids or the grandparents, or ...
The movie-watching experience has changed dramatically. Can Wonder Woman 1984 adapt to the times? 
I saw Wonder Woman 1984 in a screening theater in an office building right next to a mall I enjoyed going to; it had a foot massage parlor, my favorite izakaya, and a Nespresso kiosk on the ground floor. That was before the pandemic, ...
A review of Samsung’s flagship foldable phone.
Samsung launched its flagship foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold2, last September, and tech watchers have been frothing at the mouth since. Sleek, bold, and luxurious, the phone has been getting rave reviews from all over, from tech experts and people who ...
There are the many hypnotic, liquid lines that wash over you, gliding like water with music and sensuality.
Danton Remoto was one of the four instructors at the helm of my very first Creative Writing Workshop course at the Ateneo in Manila, the summer of 1988, my senior year in college. At the time, he was teaching at the English ...
Actor Jack Bannon plays the superhero’s mentor and butler in the prequel TV series.
“We were encouraged from the beginning to think of it as a stand-alone thing,” says Jack Bannon, who stars as Alfred Pennyworth, a former British special forces operative who will become the butler of the Wayne family and serve as a father ...
But real life remains more gripping than fiction.
HBO Asia’s new thriller, The Head, follows the crew of the Polaris VI polar station as a killer stalks its halls during a deep six-month Antarctic winter. On paper, it should all come together, what with an international cast of players from The Crown, Killing ...
HBO’s must-watch series explores pressing questions about millennial life in the age of #MeToo.
I May Destroy You should come with a content warning, given its upsetting subject matter. But its distressing theme is handled with plenty of care, nuance, and sensitivity. Created by and starring award-winning British actress Michaela Coel, HBO’s bold, new comedy-drama tells the ...
The story of class struggle on a perpetually moving train has been adapted to the 10-episode format of TV.
Snowpiercer, the series, is a soft reboot of the 2013 film. Starring Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly, Snowpiercer is a slightly above-average, sci-fi, detective thriller that, while not quite existing in the shadow of the film, is forced to exist in spite of it.Diggs stars as Andre ...
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