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The gorgeous black-and-white movie defies the conventions of what it means to love.
Svetlana Cvetko enjoys films where nothing happens. The award-winning immigrant director and cinematographer likes sitting through cinéma vérité and slice of life feature films, which explains a lot about Show Me What You Got, her monochromatic exploration of polyamory with a charismatic trio of ...
Nine short stories convey triumph and kindness, malice and deception.
Everybody’s Strange is a collection of nine short stories that shine a light on people grappling with inner struggles, triumphs, and defeat. Without being moralistic or righteous, it offers a sharp reflection of the human condition with its surreal and bizarre narratives. The ...
He was merciless toward the late Jerry Krause.
Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing during the 1998 NBA Finals. It was the culmination of what Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson coined “The Last Dance,” knowing that it was the team’s final shot at the championship.The Last ...
The new season premieres on Netflix today, November 16.
There is a moment early in the series where a character tells up-and-coming drug lord Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo about his counterparts in Colombia, with whom he could possibly ally himself. One, he is told, is all about emotion; the other group is more ...
The new season was released on October 19.
First, let’s have a moment of silence for Iron Fist. Despite the second season being arguably better than most of Marvel Netflix’s current slate, it simply may not have been enough to recover from the damage done by an abysmal first season, ...
There's some entertainment to be derived from it, but for all the wrong reasons.
One of the feature-length finalists at this year's Cinemalaya is The Lookout, a crime drama that tells the story of Lester Quiambao, a hired killer out to exact revenge on those who wronged him in his childhood. It's a strong film noir that ...
It's a Samsung phone even Apple loyalists would want to have.
Personally, I've been quite vocal with my love for Apple products—my tech review blog is even called The Applelogist—so it's big deal for me when an Android phone actually surprises me with its efficiency. Such is the case with the Samsung J7 ...
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