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You can have your steaming cup of rice. I prefer mine cool.
Like many people forced to stay indoors during this health crisis, I’ve been cooking for myself a lot more instead of ordering food or going out to eat. I do my groceries usually on a Sunday or Monday, and plan my meals ...
The Marcos-era agricultural scheme is back in the spotlight.
An exchange between Senator Imee Marcos and Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez during a hearing at the Senate earlier this week brought back into the limelight a once dormant term: Masagana 99.It was Marcos who brought up the phrase, an agricultural ...
But Greenpeace wants the Department of Agriculture to reverse its decision.
Golden Rice, or a genetically modified variant of the food staple, is as “safe as conventional rice,” according to a biosafety assessment conducted by the Bureau of Plant Industry of the Department of Agriculture (DA-BPI). This means that Golden Rice is approved for ...
'I just bought rice, and here I am being thanked like I moved mountains.'
The Philippines is one of the last countries in Asia that has yet to fulfill any meaningful agrarian reform, ultimately failing to unshackle farmers from their bondage to the soil. Farmers are even forced to sell crops to traders at measly prices, ...
Plus, the types of rice you need to know about
Aside from the color of the rice, the sizes also vary dramatically. If you are at a loss at the grocery and your recipe calls for a peculiar kind of rice, just refer back to this simple ratio. Long grain is three times longer than ...
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