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It's the luggage manufacturer's first flagship store in the Philippines.
Rimowa has just opened its first flagship in the Philippines. Located in Greenbelt 3, the boutique has plenty of the brand's latest collections, as well as one-of-a-kind collabs and seasonal designs (the new colors from the essential collection included). And damn is it nice ...
Because travel and style have always gone hand in hand.
Luggage has certainly evolved over the years. First, there was the steamer trunk which eventually gave way to the suitcase, all leading to today's smart luggage. Arranged alphabetically from Away to Valextra, these are the top luggage brands that have been trusted ...
What's in a logo?
If you’ve recently done the rounds at your favorite boutiques then you may have noticed the sans serif makeover most luxury brands have undergone.Those who have chosen to do the extreme redesign include brands who have recently appointed new creative directors (Balenciaga, ...
The iconic luggage brand is having a banner year.
This year's a special one for Rimowa. The German-born, LVMH-acquired luggage brand is marking its 120th birthday, and the celebration has run the gamut from that hype-as-hell Supreme collab to the brand's first ever global campaign, giving icons like Roger Federer and ...
In the 1930s, its factory caught fire, which burnt down everything but aluminum.
Rimowa luggage is often seen in airports around the world. Depicting luxury and innovation, the luggage brand has proven to be a cult favorite as well as a status symbol in the international jet set scene.More a travel companion, each piece of ...
The lifestyle entrepreneur shares her tips on traveling with kids.
How exactly does a Spoiled Mummy travel? She brings her whole house with her. And more.Our June digital cover girl, Grace Baja, shares her must-have items when she travels, her top secrets and tips, and her favorite hotels and destinations. A mother ...
A travel bag should be your trusted companion for years to come.
For many, traveling securely means having your guard up, being street smart, and keeping your valuables in check. While those pointers still apply, it’s also good to update your travel bags and luggage every so often—and more than just for aesthetic reasons.Luggage ...
Searching for the right luggage doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Whichever brand you choose, it's all about figuring out your travel personality.
After years of borrowing your parents’ luggage, you’ve finally decided to invest in your own. Congratulations! Now what?It is well worth the time and effort to search for the perfect valise. You don’t just walk into a store and take the first ...
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