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When you've got limited avenues through which to flex, accessories make all the difference.
Call me Frodo fucking Baggins because I, too, get a manic glint in my eye when I see a ring I really want, and will also go to absurd lengths to make it mine. A ring, and, ah, what it conventionally represents, ...
Originally reserved for noblemen, these symbols of authority have found new meaning in the modern world.
Rings, however small, speak volumes about their wearer. Wedding rings, for example, signify marriage and hint at what sort of bride she is (assuming the ring is not an heirloom) or what sort of family she married into. Another eye-catching piece of ...
Weddings are all about pairings. Here, stunning engagement rings and spectacular manicures team up for couplings that are as beautiful as they are unexpected.
SILVER LININGSJul B. Dizon marquise, pink spinel and round diamond set in white gold, vintage ring with diamonds, and tsavorite and diamond white gold (all prices upon request), EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, 634.7448. Dashing Diva Metallic Nails stick on and Butter London in ...
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